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X4 Labs

Many men out there aim to have a larger thing inside their pants believing that it can give them a happier and better sex life. That is why doctors and medical professionals and medical technology have come out with a great solution of male enhancement products.

According to a market survey, today, there are various ways and methods to enlarge a penis. While the most popular products amongst all are the penis enlargement pills, there are a few medical experts who would rather suggest you go the natural way to enlarge the penis; it is by the extender method.

A traction device has been developed with this basic principle and it can help to regenerate the skin cells by applying undetectable and minute loads of stress to the body. And, many companies have manufactured this kind of penis enlargement devices. X4 Labs Extender is one of such brands.

So what is so special about X4 Labs?

Well! It is a Canadian medical research and development company that worked very closely with leading male-health specialists and urologists to develop what is being as the world’s first Hybrid Support System-based penis extender.

They aim to provide their low-esteem patients with an increased quality of life by providing them psychological as well as a physical solution, which in turn will improve their confidence and libido. In employing these methods, they have enabled their patients to experience real success. The company is confident of the results that every patient will achieve, and so it offers an unrivaled six-month satisfaction guarantee, ensuring success.

The X4 Extender incorporates the science of medical traction, employing a gentle stretching of the penis in order to lengthen, widen, as well as straighten the penis. The device is so designed to ensure comfort so one can wear the device for prolonged periods of time without having to experience any amount of distress.

Clinically Tested and Proven To Work

This clinically-tested as well as doctor-recommended device, the X4 Extender comprises of the highest quality materials. It is also clinically certified to use without any need of medical supervision.

The X4 extender’s unique features are a result of years of engineering and testing; making the device as the most efficient one available on the shelves of male enhancement market. The materials consist of non-allergenic metals and materials, ensuring it as a 100% safe and comfortable device.

There are two types of traction devices that are used; the first one is the classic penis extender, which is the most common and it uses the traditional silicone tubing as a method of providing quick and easy adjustments and support by holding the penis body in place. And, the modern traction device uses an inch wide silicone comfort strap to gently hug the body of the penis. Both can be used irrespective of whether a person is circumcised or not.

X4 Labs offers fast and discreet shipping for your privacy protection. They also have Gold edition for the efficiency of their product including a DVD for a complete better sex guide. For a limited time only, you can save $50 off your purchase by entering the code DISC50 at the checkout. See more X4 Labs reviews.

How REAL Penis Enlargement Works With X4Labs Extender?

Just imagine how good it would feel to have a bigger and stronger penis? The look at the expression on your partner’s face when she reaches a mind blowing climax! Wouldn’t it be great? If you are suffering from small penis issues then read on….

The penis is a vital part of your body. Therefore, it is very important to know how it functions during sexual activities. The penis comprises three chambers, out of which the two chambers namely the Corpora Cavernosa help in attaining erections in men.

When you get sexually aroused, these chambers get filled with sufficient blood allowing for stronger and harder erections. A small penis does not offer sufficient blood to the penile chambers. This is the reason why men cannot sexually please their partners. Here is how an X4 Labs extender can help you. These extenders help in stretching the penile chambers so that they can accommodate more blood.

On using the X4 Labs extender, these help the cells in the penis to divide and create new cells, so that they accommodate more blood and thereby increase the size of the penis. These also help in improving your sexual performance with your partners!

What benefits can you see with The X4 Labs device?

• Increased Penis Length By 1-1.5 Inches
• Increased Penis Girth By Up To 25%
• Straighten The Penis
• Better Erections
• Budget Device


Naturally, if you would like bigger and better size gains then you would want to look at spending a little more and buying a higher quality device. We would recommend the SizeGenetics system as a good alternative. As the product is clinically proven and medically backed, there should not be any reason as to why the device would cause any side effects. It has been designed to allow you to wear it for long periods of time without causing any injuries.

It is recommended to remove the device for a few minutes every couple of hours to restore blood flow.

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