Why Penis Extenders are Best for Permanent Enlargement

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Regular use of a penis extender can naturally add inches to your penis length and girth. This new size can give you extreme confidence in all situations like talking to women, and easily impressing her in bed. All it takes to see permanent results with the penis stretcher is a little effort on your part to wear the device each day.

Penis Extender VS Other Enlargement Methods

The penis extender works more quickly and safely to give you a longer and thicker penis in less time than penis enlargement exercises. It is safer and much more affordable than surgery. It gives you permanent size gains unlike a penis pump, and won’t make your penis look like a pencil as hanging weights will. The penis stretching devices like the unique SizeGenetics has taken over the penis enlargement market after being proven successful with real penis enlargement surgery patients.

The traction device was first used to grow extra size after surgery, and doctors realized that the stretcher could be used on its own for permanent penis enlargement. Today, thousands of men like you use the device to stretch and grow their penises longer and thicker right from home.

Why Penis Extenders Work

Some companies choose to sell a cheaper device to cut costs while risking your safety and speed of results. These companies do not have a device of their own, they simply resell the same device under a different brand name.

The best penis extenders are exquisite and well built, medical grade devices. Some companies constantly improve on their device to ensure it uses the best quality parts and gives the fastest possible results from regular use. When outsourcing quality can be dangerous for the user.

It is a problem when some reseller companies outsource their device and depend on the innovation of another firm to create its product, without testing the final product. They would rather trust another company to do a good job of producing a well-built device without further testing it & improving it to provide the best value. Learn how to use a penis extender for max results.

A Quality Penis Extender

When it comes to results, quality and constant improvement, SizeGenetics is one of the only companies looking at the value they are providing you, not just the product they can sell you. When I first started testing out different penis extenders, I noticed that hardly any of the companies selling them included penis exercises for faster gains, a member forum for more support, or even good customer support for that matter, a device that gave results on a consistent basis or even a decent money back guarantee.

SizeGenetics is different and provides all of this and much more to the determined penis enlargement user. No other company goes as far as to get its device certified to Type 1 Medical Device status and stamps each device with the CE symbol of quality from the EU.

Safe and comfortable device to see gains faster

Most of the devices on the market lack in not only originality but medical proof. Outside of following whatever the manufacturer does, most resellers make little to no attempt to back up the device’s results with medical testing.

SizeGenetics backs up its claims that their device can gain you up to 3 full inches in length and girth and reduce penile curvature by up to 70% with at least 6 clinical studies proving this. They have also gone as far as to redesign their device to bring a unique and brand new extender which is now more comfortable to wear with its new comfort strap technology.

Cheaper devices still use the “noose” based extender which chokes the penis head making the device difficult to wear. This means you will see slower gains from having to remove it every half hour due to discomfort.
A much better option is to take advantage of the new SizeGeneticsdevice which uses a comfort strap that molds to the shape of your penis, for longer use and faster gains. Read more about SizeGenetics and what the program includes to get you even faster gains.

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