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If are one that kept saying size doesn’t matter, rethink! Because size matters! This is what most women say about men’s most valuable asset in terms of sexual intercourse, and hence the huge market for penis enlargement and enhancements started to boom.

A lot of gadgets such as vacuum pumps, weight hanging, pills and even surgery for the sole purpose of increasing the size and improving performance and correcting erectile dysfunction have been launched and they seem to float even online. However, a great majority of them just suck and end up just being a waste of money.

While surgery is proven, not many people prefer to go for it for the risks and big money associated with it. There are; however, few really genuine alternate products that are touted as successful male enhance products and endorsed by medical professionals as well.

One new product offered called the Size Genetics System in the recent times, has gained its popularity and credibility as a top penis extender just because of its clinically proven testimonials and its growing clientele.

How is SizeGenetics System different from other penis enlargement devices?

SizeGeneticsSizeGenetics System is a male enhancement device. The system was designed after careful medical research and uses the tension and retraction or traction principle which simply dwells on stretching the penis constantly for a period of time increasing the space where blood flow occurs thereby generating new cell and tissue production until the desired length is achieved using a device that is very simple and easy to use and apply without causing much pain and discomfort.

The system not only increases the length and girth of the penis but it also corrects whatever curvature problem the penis may have. It basically uses the same orthopedic principle for speeding up bone growth when one fractures a bone in the body. This was the principle that originated thousands of years ago in Burma to stretch their necks, lips, and earlobes effectively used by African tribes. 

With all these issues and medical principles carefully studied prior to manufacturing and with enough clinical trials prior to launching it in the market, on top of it being an external device constructed using biocompatible quality materials from both the US and Europe.

It is not one that you may have to ingest into your system, the SizeGenetics System is definitely one good deal for men to have and especially those who are in dire need for a boost in their sexual self-esteem.

Since, it has been a common notion for men that by having the size and girth they have always longed for with the least discomfort and with the birth of their “if you have it, flaunt it” confidence level, the price is simply not a problem.

Superior Comfort System

Additionally, as a matter of fact, do not be too much worried about the initial discomfort with the device, as with any prosthetic system it is natural and also temporary. The uneasiness of a small and a flaccid penis is worth the discomfort and you will be glad you have tried it. If you are not there is any way the 6-months refund option.

For a limited time only, you can save $50 off your purchase by entering the code ECON8 at the checkout. Additional you can claim your free penis enlargement device. Terms and conditions apply.

How REAL Penis Enlargement Works With SizeGenetics Extender?

Think about it? Do you really know how an enlargement product works to give you your desired length or girth? Many of us try various products and techniques without knowing how they function or how to use them to avail the maximum benefits. Read on to know more about how real penis enlargement works…. Learn more at

Do you know what your penis is made up of? The penis is made up of 3 chambers, the main ones being the Corpora Cavernosa, which are the erectile chambers in the penis.

These chambers play a vital role during erections in men. When a man is sexually aroused these chambers get filled with blood leading to stronger and harder erections in men. Some men may experience poor erections which in turn can lead to sexual dissatisfaction. This is where the SizeGenetics Extender comes to the rescue. These extenders, when used regularly, can help to extend these chambers so that they can accommodate more blood.

The more you use the SizeGenetics Extender the faster and quicker results you achieve. Prolonged use of the device causes the Corpora Cavernosa to stretch thereby dividing the cells so that they multiply and generate new cells.

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