Pheromone Basics: How They Work


A pheromone is a biological chemical that triggers human attraction. Via continuous studies, scientists have identified them. As a result, pheromones are formulated for pheromone colognes. Yes, manufacturers know how to bottle sex appeal, which makes it easier for the world to target potential prospects for love and sex.

Although these chemicals are very complex, it’s easy to understand how they work. Wear invisible pheromones and impact those around you. They won’t even know what is happening to them. This is known as the release effect.

How They Work in Humans

Humans emit pheromones via the sebaceous glands, sweat glands and other glands within the skin. When they are emitted they are detected via the olfactory system by people around us. The vomeronasal organ (VNO) has the most receptors within this system according to

Communication is a very important part of life. Many communication signals are nonverbal. This describes how pheromones trigger communication that is responsible for procreation. Continue reading and learn how pheromones impact both male and female attraction.

These chemical attractants are responsible for communication and behavior changes. They are utilized by bees to alert other bees in danger in the beehive. Other species use them to alert others that food is present or to mark their territories. For instance, dogs mark their territory by urinating on it.

Types of Pheromones

There are a few types of substances. They are androstadienone and estratetraenol. These substances both come from estrogen and testosterone, which are the two main hormones that define femininity and masculinity. With the assistance of EEG, they are responsible for creating a strong sexual frenzy.

Luckily, synthesized versions of these substances are stronger than natural ones. Most products are strong enough to put the average person in a sexual trance. Scientists are not the only ones who can attest to this fact. There are many user testimonials that prove it as well.

Do They Work or Not?

However, there are others that don’t agree. They say these products don’t work for them. Why does this happen? This may happen to you for two reasons. First, are you wearing other products that block pheromone effects? Secondly, are you wearing a diluted form of the product, which is commonly known as a knockoff? Obviously, the best way to get great results is to wear the original product and not mix it with other products.

If you’re a man, you don’t have to wonder if they really work. Just purchase an androstenone spray cologne such as Nexus Pheromones. This makes it easier to attract any woman you want. It doesn’t matter how beautiful she may be, the pheromones will work. She’ll be sexually attracted to you, and the best part is that she won’t know why.


Nexus is one of the top androstenone colognes on the market for men. It contains a mixture of 7 human pheromones. This is a good thing because research shows that men emit pheromone scents that drive women wild sexually. Pheromones make it easier for men to get hot women because they make us appear more masculine. When they work, they give us an extra boost of confidence. Use pheromones, walk up to the woman of your dreams and ask her out for a date.

If you learn how pheromones impact sexual attraction between men and women, this helps you to get hot women. Unfortunately, humans can’t act upon all of our sexual whims. This is a unique part of the animal kingdom. But this doesn’t mean we can escape the power of pheromones.

Behavioral Effects

They impact both men and women. They give men a sexual vibe that makes them irresistible to women. They are secreted by various body parts and make it easier to communicate with members of the opposite sex. If you are a dominant male, then pheromones will bring out this characteristic.

They also impact women in strange ways. Did you know these attractants synchronize menstrual cycles when women live together? Basically, pheromones mimic the competitive nature of men and the cooperative nature of women.

During the interaction between males and females, pheromones are responsible for silent communication. Women send signals when they are ready to breed. Men send signals that show masculinity and the ability to protect. Since most people don’t know how pheromones work, they think they are very mysterious.


All in all, this shows that these chemical messengers work naturally in nonverbal ways to trigger procreation. This explains why both sexes are attracted to them. Basically, the body has receptors that pick up on pheromone, and his keeps attraction going. Learn more at

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