Are Penis Extenders The Best Solution?

This article is intended for all men who think they have a small penis. Before you decide to take some action with an aim to make your penis larger, take a moment and think carefully, do you really need to do anything.

Do You Really Have A Small Penis?

Do you really have an undersized penis or is it just matter of self-confidence. If you have a partner, discuss this, try to talk openly and without shame. If you don’t have a partner you can talk to a doctor. If you have a problem to share your thoughts and emotions with a doctor, you can always find websites talking about this kind of subjects. There you can find out more about other people’s experiences, about proven methods of the penis enlargement.

The best way to find out do you have an undersized penis is to measure it. Here are the average measures of the penis: in the state of the non-erect average penis is long from five to ten centimeters, in the state of erection average penis is long from 12.5 to 17.5 centimeters. Now you have average measures, now you can finally find out do you have an undersized penis.

If, after all of these, you still believe you have an undersized penis there is one method of the penis enlargement we will like to present to you. We are talking about penis extender method.

The reason we want to talk about this method are thousands of men who had good experience with this method. Their testimonials you can read on many websites. Penis extender is a completely natural way of penis enlargement, you don’t need to drink any pills, take any hormone tablets, put on gels or have a medical procedure.

Why Use A Penis Extender

The penis extender is developed to help men with an undersized penis. If you decide to use a penis extender you have to use it every day to get real results of 1-2 inches in length. With a penis extender, your penis will grow proportionally. The change will come very slowly, but it will be permanent.

How Long To Wear A Penis Extender

Most doctors recommend you to wear it 6 to 8 hours a day in first 2 months. Most users claimed results after the first month of using. You must use the penis extender in a comfortable way, not overstretching the penis. Because of incorrectly usage, some users claimed blue head of the penis or injuries. But these cases are rear. But Sizegenetics developed 16-way comfort strap. The comfort strap is the thing that wraps your penis around penis head. Learn more at

Most users tend to tighten this strap and injuries appear. But Sizegenetics and their 16way comfort strap passed this users problem. Now you can choose from 16 comfort strap and wear the one suits you the best. And of course a penis extender is much cheaper, safest and in the long run, you can get more inches in length than having a surgery. We recommend you Sizegenetics being the best extender chosen by our user.

Penile Extenders versus Surgery

Through penis surgery, the length or the girth of the penis is modified. There are two types of penis surgery: one that increases the length of the penis size and another one that increases the girth of the penis size. For penis length surgery the suspensory ligaments, that hold the penis weld to the body, is cut and the body penis will be pulled out. Learn more at

After you had the surgery you will have to rest and wear something as a penis extender for some hours after the operation. You will have your penis hooked on some pulleys. The second surgery, the one for girth enlargement is done by harvesting fat from your body and injected into the penis body. But this fat in time will be absorbed by the body. Last of all the penis surgery is very expensive and very risky because penis nerves can be affected. Users that passed through a surgery claimed to have 30% bigger penis than before, but enlargement through the surgery is limited to the penis body hidden inside your body.

The nonsurgical, natural, safest and guaranteed penis enlargement method is by using a penis extender. What a penis extender does is that stretches the penis away from the body but in a natural way. Penis extenders offer a growth in length and girth too. To use a penis extender you need to stick with a plan since the day one. The penis extender is recommended by doctors as a non-surgical way to extend the penis.

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